Up to 600 rwhp!

  • Base kit designed for 6psi non-intercooled

  • Uses your Autorotor SR4 MX422 2.2L/rev 19k rpm max

  • Integrates with stock 7 rib accessory drive

  • Belt routing for maximum belt wrap on supercharger pulley

  • Large diameter idler pulley

  • Fits under stock hood

  • High flow lower intake manifold with large plenum volume

  • Bell-mouthed intake runners

  • Large two-piece high flow compressor inlet plenum

  • 2 x 67mm bore SRT-10 style throttle body

  • Cold Air Intake and Filter

  • Fuel rails and billet double shear mounts

  • All stainless steel hardware, threaded holes in aluminum parts have helical steel inserts

  • 90* thermostat housing to clear compressor drive

Easy Service:

  • Fuel rails, valvetrain, cap/rotors/wires can all be serviced without removing supercharger

  • Plenum half, entire plenum, or blower can all be removed separately or together

  • Easy compressor/throttle body upgrades


  • 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota R/T and 5.2L 2WD

  • Clears up to 4.5" tall aftermarket valve covers

  • Not compatible with A/C without adapter (coming soon)

Recommended for 6psi:

  • 255lph fuel pump

  • 42lb/hr injections

  • SCT 2 bar tune

Recommended for higher boost:

  • Water/methanol injection system

  • Return-style fuel system

  • Larger fuel injectors (at least 60lb/hr)

  • Standalone engine management computer

  • Tire sponsorship :)

What you'll need:

  • 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota 5.2L or 5.9L 2WD

  • Autorotor SR4 MX422 2.2L twin screw supercharger

What you won't need:

  • Cold air intake or throttle body hat ($150-300)

  • Throttle body ($200-500)

  • M1 intake manifold ($300-450)

  • Fuel rails ($150-250)

  • Nitrous refills


Estimated Price: $2999.99
Autorotor MX422 Street Kit