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Intake manifold testing - December 2014
Head over to Allpar.com to see how the lower intake manifold used in the Z Code Performance MX422 Street Kit fared in a flow bench comparison. Flowing 320 cfm as cast, the manifold will not be a restriction for even the most extensively ported magnum head combinations.  

Supercharger rebuilding service now available - December 2014
Contact sales to schedule your supercharger refurbishment.

Beta prototype testing begins - November 2014
Testing of beta prototype components has begun. This revision will include improvements to the front drive support, inlet plenums, cold air intake and air filter.

Alpha prototype durability testing concludes - October 2014
Testing of the alpha prototype kit has concluded. The kit has endured thousands of miles with no failures or durability issues. Beta prototype revisions will focus on increasing flow, ease of assembly, reducing weight, and improving serviceability of the kit and engine.

Throttle body change - January 2014
I am pleased to announce that the Autorotor MX422 Street Kit will now include a 2x67mm throttle body. Earlier advertisements and the alpha prototype used a 2x65mm unit. No impact on kit price is anticipated.

Dyno testing alpha prototype - November 2013
Head over the Dakota R/T Club forums to see dyno results from the first prototype kit. A stock long block 5.9L magnum gained 82hp peak to peak and 110hp at 5100rpm with only 7psi of boost. This is a 57% increase in power up top!

Dakota R/T Club Nationals - August 2012
I will be kicking off my business at the 2012 Dodge Dakota R/T 
Nationals Meet in Columbus, Ohio.  As a sponsor of the event, I
am looking forward to seeing everyone there!